Big Data and Ecommerce

Study the Correlation between Big Data and Ecommerce

March 31, 2022 Nick William

A collective name for procedures and tools, Big Data can be used to get, gather and study big data files and find a relation between them. While analyzing big data, useful information, hidden in the extensive data sets appearing every day both inside and outside your company, is discovered. As far as the significance of …

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Major Do's and Don'ts of Web Design

Major Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design

March 30, 2022 Nick William

Website creation is a very common practice these days, however, while creating a website a few measures have to be taken to get the best in the first shot. A few terms, which normally would not strike into your mind, are there that you need to be aware of. If a client needs flashy logos …

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Top Digital marketing trends

Top Digital marketing trends to keep an eye

March 29, 2022 Nick William

As we have entered the second month of 2016, ongoing changes in the digital arena must have come into notice. These incessant game-changing trends have certainly left the marketers baffled as they have a hard time keeping up with them all. However, if we dig a bit, then these trends could help in a big …

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CakePHP Vs CodeIgniter

CakePHP Vs CodeIgniter: Who wins the tug-of-war?

March 28, 2022 Nick William

Quite similar in their approach, CakePHP and CodeIgniter are widely known and accepted frameworks. On several things, including their support for PHP4. Any description of one inevitably leads to someone saying the other. They both try to develop an MVC architecture which simply means they split the data Model from the Controller (something that draws …

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Four Easy Tips to Improve Your Brand Awareness with Smartphone Apps

Four Easy Tips to Improve Your Brand Awareness with Smartphone Apps

March 26, 2022 Nick William

We often have lousy background using a mobile app and in the point of great despair, we simply take the pledge not to install any other app from the same publisher and developer again. However, the truth is that the desertion rate of mobile app usage is almost 70 percent. This clearly states that users …

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