Latest website trends to enhance user interaction on your website!

Latest website trends to enhance user interaction on your website!

It’s a given fact that technology changes with time and the same way user habits change as well, which ultimately leads to improvement in web design services. Aren’t you already enthralled with the idea over the coming web design trends?

To feed your curiosity, we have brought in the most delinquent trends. From where we see, the responsive design seems to be vital to the modern web. Cool navigation and rich media content make the website quite interactive thus attractive in the eyes of the viewers.

Speaking of the new trends that are likely to emerge, some of them are as such:

SVG Delight: It was last year that SVG came into limelight and enjoyed quite some prominence. The very significance of this vector format is that it makes your support appear crisp and very well acclimatize to any screen size. A further advantage of the SVG features is that there is a probability of them being wonderfully animated and make your site appear alive. It’s expected that there are going to be more examples of such animations in the present year.

Responsive Design grabbing the eyeballs: Today it has become a trend for the websites to adjust themselves for tablet and smartphone users. With the same responsive design (RWD) is certain to expand. Going by the escalation in the number of smartwatches and TV users, it’s essential to treat the viewers with a seamless experience across all available channels.

Rich and dynamic backgrounds play the key role: Large-image backgrounds have been trending for quite some time now, however, it’s the time that designers are making efforts to make it more intense and exciting. As today, almost every next movie release in 3D, users look forward to 3D with cutting edge designs as well. Besides, it’s a significant aspect to learn how to balance the intricacies of three-dimensional graphics that are vital in the progression of web design. In fact, it won’t be surprising to see fully responsive HD-quality video backgrounds on many websites this year.

Make the website more interactive: To boost the user experience (UX) on your site, micro-interactions play a huge role and they are certainly here to stay. Presenting your user with an enjoyable experience makes him/her emotionally involved with your brand that further enhances the time spent on the website.

The Bigger the Better: Making it big is the most successful feature in the world of web design services today. Usability and overall aesthetics of the site are affected by the typography and brand message is also delivered through the same. This is the time when we’ll come across bigger and bold fonts as that extends the better reading experience.

Introduction of Ghost Buttons: This trendy interface feature is designed to lure the users in a fine manner. Combined with a smart hover animation, it’s delightfully used and enhances the beauty of any website.

Going by the fact that ghost buttons are being paired with large background images and videos, it’s evident that this trend is here to stay.

Scrolling is new in: with the increased usage of mobile phones in surfing the web, users have come in the habit of scrolling; in fact, this has overdone clicking. It’s owing to the fact that today’s online audience is keen to get a preview of the site’s offering on the first page itself.

Thus, now home pages are getting longer to enhance dynamic interaction between the website and the viewer. With these trends, it’s apparent that there are several changes in how website design is perceived and you get to know the measures required to take to make your site top the chart.